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10. Jun. 2018 On sale

Arno Steffen / Schlager (CD)

3,080 -> 2,490

2018. Spring. On Sale


The first album of Arno Steffen (LSE, ex. Triumvirat, Zeltinger Band) from 1984. This album was produced without musical instrument and without standard approach of song writing. NDW & Industrial masterpiece album which was produced by Conny Plank! Including gSupergut (Ne?)h, his hit song. This is the first time reissue!
Including bonus tracks from g4 Liebesliederh (12h EP, 1985). All tracks are digitally remastered. Mini-LP replica/paper sleeve, Limited to 300 copies. Japan release only!

* Schlager: CD + LP Special Edition

[CD tracks]
01. Hörprobe
02. Schlager
03. Berg in Flammen
04. Säubert das Reich
05. Pearl Harbour
06. Somewhere
07. Supergut (Ne?)

08. Ba Ba
09. Tanz du Wanz
10. Partykeller
[CD Bonus Tracks from g4 Liebesliederh (12h EP)]
11. Gell, Du hast mich gelle gern
12. Oh, Baby
13. Nur für dich
14. Kleine Hexen

30. May. 2018 On sale


The Secret Tapes of Dr. Mabuse

7" Vinyl: SSZ3039 1,800i+Taxj [2nd Edition]
Mini-CD: SSZ3030 1,500(+Tax)

7"+CD Set
3,630 -> 2,990

2018. May 30. On Sale


in German means pre, before.
This is the music which Andreas Thein and Ralf Dörper made - before the p-machinery started at Trevor Hornfs ZTT label.

- before POP
- before PRO

Recorded in 1982/3.
Partly inspired by the "discipline" of Throbbing Gristle.
Released on 30 May - to commemorate the death of Andreas Thein, 5 years ago.

[7h vinyl] SSZ3039
1,980 -> 1,800

Hi-quality vinyl used (Japanese pressing). "Doppelgänger" is exclusively included in the vinyl edition. Limited to 300 copies, Japan release only!

A: Disziplin
B: Doppelgänger


[Mini-CD] SSZ3030
1,650 -> 1,500

3 inch CD with Japanese style long-sleeve. Limited to 300 copies, Japan release only! [2nd Edition]

1. Disziplin
2. Sünde
3. Disziplin Dub


7. Feb. 2018 On sale

DER TECHNOKRAT / Ruckzuck (CD+7") Yellow-vinyl

3,080 -> 2,490

2018, February 7. On Sale


Reissue of the project by Ralf Dörper (Die Krupps, Propaganda) in 1992. Including official cover versions of "Ruckzuck" from the first Kraftwerk album.
Featuring: Richard Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire, Sweet Exorcist), Mark Gamble, Robert Gordon, Uwe Schmidt (Senor Coconut, AtomTM).
Colored vinyl (yellow) + CD set, limited to 300 copies, Japan release only!!

[CD tracks]
1. Ruckzuck - Düsseldorf #1
2. Ruckzuck - Sheffield #1
3. Ruckzuck - Düsseldorf #3
4. Ruckzuck - Düsseldorf #2
5. Ruck... - Sheffield #3
6. ........zuck - Sheffield #4

[7" vinyl tracks]
A. Ruckzuck - Düsseldorf #3
B. Ruckzuck - Nottingham #1

25. Sep. 2017 On sale

Frieder Butzmann / Vertrauensmann des Volkes (1982)

SSZ3034OD 3,080 -> 2,800
2017. September 25 On Sale Few Stock!

* Mini-LP / Miniature-replica paper sleeve CD
* Limited 300 copies
* Japan release only

The original LP was released on Zensor in 1982. Guiest musicians: Genesis P-Orridge, Alexander von Borsig, Angelika Maisch, Christian Kneisel (ex. Agitation Free).
Including bonus tracks from gValeskah, his first 7h EP (1979) and more.

Frieder Butzmann

Veteran German musician amongst others on Zensor label.
He was born 6 April 1954 in Konstanz, Germany.

Official Web

15. Apr. 2017 On sale

Ralf Dorper's Kalter Larm - The Early Recordings (CD)

3,520 -> 2,990

2017, April 15 On Sale


Special compilation album of Ralf Dorper's (Die Krupps, Propaganda) early rare recordings from 1979 - 1981. Experimental sound collage works!! All tracks are digitally remastered. Liner notes: Ralf Dorper (English & Japanese).
Limited edition to 300 copies, exclusively Japan release only!

[Track List]

[S.Y.P.H. - Viel Feind, viel Ehr (1979)]
1. Klammheimlich
[Double Feature (1980)]
2. Assault
3. Eraserhead
[Die Lemminge (1981/80)]
4. Lorelei
5. Im Himmel
6. Leise stirbt Man im Schnee

[Deutschdenck - Kalter Larm - Weise Stille (1980)]
7. Afro Inro
8. Discomat
9. Am Nachmittag!
10. Zaghaft Fluxig
11. Eraserhead
12. Golf & Tango
13. Kranke Menschen

22. Feb. 2017 On sale)

HARUKO TAJIMA / Harukonium (CD)

1,980 -> 1,200

2017, February 22 On Sale


The second solo album of Haruko Tajima (Shampoohats). Funny and orientalism electro music, inspired by Neue Deutsche Welle. Excentric vocal style with keen lyric!! The first Japanese female artist on Suezan Studio label!
Mastering engineer: Souichiro Nakamura.13 track, digipack CD.

Haruko Tajima:
Born in 1992, vocal & guitar of Shampoohats, DIY Post-Punk band. Started solo career from 2015, released first solo album "Bouryoku (Violence!)" in 2016. Tajima is not only a musician but also a collage artist. She has held exhibition some times.
Official site.

Also Available (25. Sep. 2016 On Sale)

MATERIALSCHLACHT / Kinderfreundlich (CD+7")

4,180 -> 3,480

2016, September On Sale


Materialschlacht formed in the late 1970fs at Grun In, the legendary pub in Gevelsberg, Germany. Members: Uwe Bauer (Fehlfarben), Mona Lisa, Michael Kemner (D.A.F, Mau Mau, Fehlfarben), Wolfgang Spelmans (D.A.F, Mau Mau, Plaza Hotel), Justus Falkenroth. This album is including "KInderfreundlich" (7" single, their only official release), live recording 1979 (featuring Pyrolator, previously unreleased) and "Geb.swans" (recorded by their second line-up in 1983, previously unreleased). Digital remaster: Pyrolator. Japan release only!

[CD tracks]
* Kinderfreundlich 7" (1979)
* Live 1979 (previously unreleased)
* Geb.swans 1983 (previously unreleased)

CD + "Kinderfreundlich" 7" single (white vinyl). Limited to 300 copies.

At present, this item is exclusively available on Suezan Studio mail order.

Also Available (15. Apr. 2015 On Sale)

(Esplendor Geometrico + Hijokaidan)

2,750 ->1,800

15. Apr. 2015 On Sale


Special collaboration recording by Esplendor Geometrico (from Spain) and Hijokaidan (from Japan). Live recording in Tokyo 2013. Featuring: Esplendor Geometrico (Arturo Lanz, Saverio Evangelista), Hijokaidan (Jojo Hiroshige, Junko, T. Mikawa)
This title is released by triple label (Alchemy Records, Geometrik Records and Suezan Studio).

Also Available (25. Sep. 2013 On Sale)

MAU MAU / Kraft

SSZ3016 OD
4.180 ->3,480
At present, this CD is exclusively available on Suezan Studio mail order

2013.09.30 On Sale


Formed by W. Spelmans (g) and M. Kemner (b), ex-members of DAF. Their first album (1982) + "Auf Wiedersehen" (2nd album, previously unreleased, 1983) + single track. First time release on CD!@Digital remastered with mini-LP/paper sleeve, limited 300 copies.

Also Available (7. Mar. 2014 On Sale)

/ Washinnayo


SSZ3020 (Ata Tak WR 107)
4.950 ->2,800

2014.03.07 On Sale 

Washinnayocc. Donft forgetc.. This mysterious and imperative outcry is a call from one of the most beautiful spots on this earth, the Okinawan Islands.
It reminds us to embrace tradition and take it with us into the future, here beautifully represented in a unique collaboration between Dutch soundscape artist Pascal Plantinga and the godfather of Okinawan pop, Shoukichi Kina.

Washinnayo comes spectacularly packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve designed by interdisciplinary artist Toyoko Shimada. Her graceful Golden Dragon juxtaposes high-tech and ecology in times of tradition and modernity.
A juxtaposition also found in the music, where Pascal Plantingafs sparse arrangements featuring bass, electronics and field recordings provide the perfect pedestal for Shoukichi Kinafs sanshin (the ubiquitous three-stringed Okinawan instrument) and voice, presented here at its most expressive and emotional.

* 4 tracks: 2 x 7" vinyl + Mini-CD,

* Deluxe embossed gatefold sleeve.

* Edition: Limited 500 copies.

Shoukichi Kina: Known throughout Japan for the two greatest hits ever to originate in Okinawa, Haisai Ojisan, and the million-selling song Hana, Shoukichi Kina never lost his appeal as rebellious outsider and his special blend of rock and Okinawan folk proved a great vehicle for his musical activism and involvement in peace activities.
However, frustrated with his inability to realize his dreams of a peaceful, borderless world as a rock star, Kina took his campaign slogan gExchange All Weapons For Musical Instrumentsh into the political arena and joined the Democratic Party of Japan.
And making no distinction between politics and music, Kina just as easily swaps his political activities for his intense live performances.

Pascal Plantinga is an electro-songwriter who couples experimentation with a singular way of musical storytelling.
His long-standing working relationship with German electronic music pioneer Pyrolator lends Pascalfs music its strong cinematographic touch. The range of avant-garde artists Pascal has recorded and performed with over the years include Gary Lucas, Guy Klucevsek, Haco, Hauschka and Martin Bisi.
Pascal has also been composing music for television shows and created the score for the award-winning feature film 170 Hz.
His deep devotion for the culture of the subtropical islands of Okinawa has led to this record, featuring some of the most profound Okinawan folk songs, recorded during a typhoon- ridden night at Shoukichi Kinafs studio in Naha, Okinawa.

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