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What is Suezan Studio?

Suezan Studio is an independent label based in Japan which was founded by Kaoru Koyanagi in 2011.
Suezan Studio originally started as a music editorial studio around 2008.

"Suezan" is named after his grandfather's calligrapher name. It means "the last mountains", but sounds strange as a Japanese word. Because it is even a word not listed in the dictionary! Koyanagi is using self-made computers which are called "Suezan mk-I" and "Suezan mk-II" for the label work.

In 2011, the year of the tsunami, Koyanagi had to resign the former job (a certain label). Therefor he decided to found his own new label.
The first work of Suezan Studio was taking over "Ata Tak The Collection Series" from the predecessor label. However, Suezan Studio has a firm philosophy for releases so that obviously different from the previous label.

Suezan Studio releases unique items with a unique viewpoint...