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New Release (15. Apr. 2017 On sale)

Ralf Dorper's Kalter Larm - The Early Recordings (CD)

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2017, April 15 On Sale


Special compilation album of Ralf Dorper's (Die Krupps, Propaganda) early rare recordings from 1979 - 1981. Experimental sound collage works!! All tracks are digitally remastered. Liner notes: Ralf Dorper (English & Japanese).
Limited edition to 300 copies, exclusively Japan release only!

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[Track List]

[S.Y.P.H. - Viel Feind, viel Ehr (1979)]
1. Klammheimlich
[Double Feature (1980)]
2. Assault
3. Eraserhead
[Die Lemminge (1981/80)]
4. Lorelei
5. Im Himmel
6. Leise stirbt Man im Schnee

[Deutschdenck - Kalter Larm - Weise Stille (1980)]
7. Afro Inro
8. Discomat
9. Am Nachmittag!
10. Zaghaft Fluxig
11. Eraserhead
12. Golf & Tango
13. Kranke Menschen

New Release (22. Feb. 2017 On sale)

HARUKO TAJIMA / Harukonium (CD)

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2017, February 22 On Sale


The second solo album of Haruko Tajima (Shampoohats). Funny and orientalism electro music, inspired by Neue Deutsche Welle. Excentric vocal style with keen lyric!! The first Japanese female artist on Suezan Studio label!
Mastering engineer: Souichiro Nakamura.13 track, digipack CD.

Haruko Tajima:
Born in 1992, vocal & guitar of Shampoohats, DIY Post-Punk band. Started solo career from 2015, released first solo album "Bouryoku (Violence!)" in 2016. Tajima is not only a musician but also a collage artist. She has held exhibition some times.
Official site.

New Release (25. Sep. 2016 On sale)

MATERIALSCHLACHT / Kinderfreundlich (CD+7")

4,104 -> 3,480

2016, September On Sale


Materialschlacht formed in the late 1970fs at Grun In, the legendary pub in Gevelsberg, Germany. Members: Uwe Bauer (Fehlfarben), Mona Lisa, Michael Kemner (D.A.F, Mau Mau, Fehlfarben), Wolfgang Spelmans (D.A.F, Mau Mau, Plaza Hotel), Justus Falkenroth. This album is including "KInderfreundlich" (7" single, their only official release), live recording 1979 (featuring Pyrolator, previously unreleased) and "Geb.swans" (recorded by their second line-up in 1983, previously unreleased). Digital remaster: Pyrolator. Japan release only!

[CD tracks]
* Kinderfreundlich 7" (1979)
* Live 1979 (previously unreleased)
* Geb.swans 1983 (previously unreleased)

CD + "Kinderfreundlich" 7" single (white vinyl). Limited to 300 copies.

At present, this item is exclusively available on Suezan Studio mail order.

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